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Dirfys (Evia) mountain guide

mountain Dirfys, Dirfys (Evia) photo

Dirfys (Evia)


Dirfys Top - Κορυφή Δίρφυοε, Dirfys (Evia) photo

Dirfys (Evia)

Photo credit: Tasos Koutsavlis

Dirfys mountain - ΔΙΡΦΥΣ, Dirfys (Evia) photo

Dirfys (Evia)

Photo credit: Tasos Koutsavlis

  • Elevation: 1743 m
  • Difficulty: Scramble
  • Best months to climb: May, June, July, August
  • Convenient center: Halkida -Evia

Dirfys is the highest mountain of Evia island and it is near to Athens. It is a small mountain, not so high,but climbing at Dirfys is not so easy. It has only one peak and it looks higher than it is. Many climbers visit Dirfys, especially the winter, and the reason is that it has good ice at the north face for the ice climbers. In Greece, it is called "little Fuji" because of its shape. It is a beautiful mountain with forests and gorges, and the view from the peak is wonderful. Come to Dirfys...

Dirfys (Evia) Climbing Notes

alexhwarang from GREECE writes:

visit the following site

www .routes. gr/ ?Page=en /Climbing /Areas /Dirfi


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