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Dedicated mountain weather forecasts for more than 11300 (and growing) major summits for climbers and mountaineers, provided for up to 5 different elevations.

While this information may be indispensable in planning your ascent, please treat it critically and verify against other sources. Our weather algorithms are thoroughly tested and proven to work well for thousands of mountain ski resorts and surf breaks; however, the database of mountain locations may contain errors at this early stage. Please send your feedback – it will be crucial for ironing out bugs and expanding the forecast coverage.

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  1. Hogback Mountain (Loudoun County, Virginia) 204 m
  2. Furnace Mountain (Virginia) 891 m
  3. Sugarloaf Mountain (Maryland) 391 m
  4. Short Hill Mountain 440 m
  5. Raven Rocks 443 m
  6. Purcell Knob 1200 m
  7. Loudoun Heights (Mountain) 1180 m
  8. Lambs Knoll 536 m
  9. High Knob (Blue Ridge, Virginia) 728 m
  10. Catoctin Mountain 579 m
  11. North Mountain (Virginia-West Virginia) 510 m
  12. Quirauk Mountain 654 m
  13. Signal Knob (Virginia) 642 m
  14. Third Hill Mountain 662 m
  15. Sleepy Creek Mountain 580 m
  16. Pignut Mountain 773 m
  17. Timber Ridge 413 m
  18. Knob Mountain (Page County, Virginia) 872 m
  19. Bear Garden Mountain 1566 m
  20. Mary's Rock 1071 m

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Mountain Weather forecast maps

Our servers produce detailed animated and static weather maps for more than 1230 regions of the world. See the example below or click the links above to open full lists. You can also open a weather map from any mountain peak page – it will show you that particular summit position and other major mountains in the area.

Latest submitted climbing notes

Pico Turquino


Hiking the highest mountains in Cuba is an amazing experience and there are different ways to do it. You can do it in 2 days or 1 day. Start in the northern side and back to the same place or start in the northern side climb the top and go down to the southern side. The hike up from the south side it is a hard one but if you like challenges, do it. You can contact Anley Rosales Benitez from Bayamo Travel Agent for arrangements or more information. John Manuel from UNITED KINGDOM - 11 Jan 2019

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White Princess


Dennis Belillo and I climbed the White Princess via it's NW Ridge in August 2017. The death march up the Castner from the highway took and entire ankle busting day to get to where the glacier splits which is where we bivied.

The next day we headed up the M'Ladies Branch for about a couple miles till just before the big waterfall on the left, where we scrambled up dangerously loose scree for about 800m to a patch of tundra at the base of the NW Ridge which afforded us a pleasant 2nd bivi and fresh water. Keep in mind that this is not the route described in the Alaska Climbing Guide; that route is the SW Ridge to the right. The route we climbed is the left and more northern of the two ridges.

The next day we started at 4am and directly up scree and talus and over several gendarmes and false summits. Some exposed and very loose 3-4 class here, where once past we gained the ice. Mostly low angle glacier travel with a short steep section about mid way using front points. After which the main concern was crevasses, and there are some big, troublesome ones. The summit area was unconsolidated snow and the post holing was tiring; a short steeper section just below the summit commanded a belay or two and then we were on top.

The descent was uneventful with the side note that instead of heading back over the gendarmes and false summits, we opted down a loose scree slope all the way to the dying glacier below the West Face and then traversed back to our bivi. We spent another night at 2nd bivi and hiked out to the highway on the 4th day. Linus Platt from UNITED STATES - 10 Jan 2019

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Silver Star Mountain (Skamania County, Washington)


This mountain is a real gem for SW WA. The variety of hiking trails available each offer their own unique views and opportunities sure to intrigue hikers of all levels.

In spring, you can enjoy the vast array of wildflowers and butterflies. Once fall begins, the unique alpine species take a turn and create one of the most stunning fall color shows. Come winter, the snow adds a magical feel once again giving the opportunity to capture the familiar views in yet another setting furthermore enhancing the overall beauty of this trail.

Depending on the trail you choose to summit Silver Star, be sure to bring a car that can tolerate the road conditions. This is especially true in fall/winter as potholes can be a real bother. Sturdy hiking boots and trekking poles can be helpful on the loose rocks.

Overall, stay safe and prepare yourself with proper equipment as this is a remote area. Beware of wildlife, Bears have been a common sight for me. They have never bothered me but could present a threat.

Be prepared for some spectacular views of our local Cascade volcanoes and be sure to bring a camera to capture it all!

-Jeremy/amateur photographer/mountaineer Jeremy from UNITED STATES - 03 Jan 2019

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Live weather observations from meteo stations

For each mountain we keep a list of nearby meteo stations reporting current weather observations many times per day. Gather all available weather information before heading out to the mountains for climbing, walking, mountaineering or any other outdoor pursuit.