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Dedicated mountain weather forecasts for more than 11300 (and growing) major summits for climbers and mountaineers, provided for up to 5 different elevations.

While this information may be indispensable in planning your ascent, please treat it critically and verify against other sources. Our weather algorithms are thoroughly tested and proven to work well for thousands of mountain ski resorts and surf breaks; however, the database of mountain locations may contain errors at this early stage. Please send your feedback – it will be crucial for ironing out bugs and expanding the forecast coverage.

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  1. Hogback Mountain (Loudoun County, Virginia) 204 m
  2. Furnace Mountain (Virginia) 891 m
  3. Sugarloaf Mountain (Maryland) 391 m
  4. Short Hill Mountain 440 m
  5. Raven Rocks 443 m
  6. Purcell Knob 1200 m
  7. Loudoun Heights (Mountain) 1180 m
  8. Lambs Knoll 536 m
  9. High Knob (Blue Ridge, Virginia) 728 m
  10. Catoctin Mountain 579 m
  11. North Mountain (Virginia-West Virginia) 510 m
  12. Quirauk Mountain 654 m
  13. Signal Knob (Virginia) 642 m
  14. Third Hill Mountain 662 m
  15. Sleepy Creek Mountain 580 m
  16. Pignut Mountain 773 m
  17. Timber Ridge 413 m
  18. Knob Mountain (Page County, Virginia) 872 m
  19. Bear Garden Mountain 1566 m
  20. Mary's Rock 1071 m

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Mountain Weather forecast maps

Our servers produce detailed animated and static weather maps for more than 1230 regions of the world. See the example below or click the links above to open full lists. You can also open a weather map from any mountain peak page – it will show you that particular summit position and other major mountains in the area.

Latest submitted climbing notes

Mt Tecumseh


Party of five hiked Mount Tecumseh today, 22 November 2018, Thanksgiving. The trail was covered in snow--anywhere from eight to twelve inches in parts. We wore microspikes only, and they worked well enough, although in certain places the snow was too loose for spikes to help. Temperatures were terribly cold, about three degrees at Waterville Valley and twenty below with the wind chill at the summit. We started at 1115 and returned at 1545, going up and down the Tecumseh Trail. M. Petta from UNITED STATES - 23 Nov 2018

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Whiteface Mountain


Three of us paddled across Lake Placid to Whiteface Landing in late Sept, 2018 for a weekend in the 'daks. Schlepping our gear about a mile inland along a wooded path joined by Connery Pond Trail, we settled into the fine lean-to at the base of Whiteface Mountain. The lean-to is near a roaring brook, high because of the wet summer and recent rain. Hitting the trail to Whiteface Peak by 8 am, we topped out there by 10:30, having hiked steadily steepening wooded trails, streambeds and typical high peaks ADK terrain until about 4/5 up when the terrain opened into slabs and more scrambly action over rocky crooks and faces. Exposure was minimal but it was mostly dry. Sadly, views are nonexistent until very near the top. We were among the first at the fogged-in summit with the few others there clearly having driven up. Our day involved descending from the peak to the North, to bag Lookout Mt and Esther Mt (another 46er). We passed dozens of day hikers from the north as we descended that side, and shared a muddy traverse over Lookout to Esther by about noon, 5.5 miles from the lean-to. Loved seeing small kids and many women enjoying the day. Upon returning to WF peak where cold localized rain was chilling most visitors, we had climbed a total of 5200 ft that day and had a tiring 2800 ft descent ahead. Surprising to me, that hike down took almost the same amount of time as climbing up earlier that day. We were back at the lean-to by 4:30, extremely satisfied with the day. The best views occurred at the peak and just off it, once we had descended below the clouds that clung to the peak. I'm 58, in decent but overweight shape and felt fine. I recommend carrying a walking stick to stabilize the descent. I was "sloppy" tired by the end and didn't have the muscle reserve to stay completely in control and recover gracefully from small skids and missteps. Lovely one day 11 mile 5000+ft hike in a spectacular location! Rex and friends from UNITED STATES - 20 Nov 2018

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Live weather observations from meteo stations

For each mountain we keep a list of nearby meteo stations reporting current weather observations many times per day. Gather all available weather information before heading out to the mountains for climbing, walking, mountaineering or any other outdoor pursuit.