Tochal Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • December 09, 2017
    Ali A.Farsi from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    Hi to everybody,
    Yesterday on Friday 8 Dec. early morning I experienced severe winds and cold which made trouble for all during climbing to Station 5, it was even worse after Station 5.
    I highly recommend to be well equipped by wearing professional shoes, clothes and glasses. In addition, do not climb alone and be careful of the time as well.

  • November 09, 2016
    Martin Rogetzky from Sweden

    Update on Tochal Telecabin. Times are now 8:30-14:00 Tuesday - Saturday.
    On Fridays 07:00 to 14:00. Top station closes ABOUT one hour later. Sundays and Mondays closed. The Telecabin might also be closed due to weather or maintenance, so call ahead.

  • April 14, 2016
    Sanam from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    One of the most beautiful ways to reach Tochal summit is the Ridge from Chin kalagh mountain. Chin kalagh can be reached from both Sa'adat abad & Darake ways. The Darake way - from KARA jungle- is more beautiful.

    The path starts from Darake square. passing restaurants till KARA two-way. Altitude 1880m. There is a cafe there named Omran Cafe. There's a signpost that leads you to left way to Kara Jungle. After about 15 minutes Kara jungle can be seen. a small jungle which has 2 swimming pools (unusable). You'll need to exit from the way and reach left side of the jungle. Although if you don't exit and continue, you will reach Chin Kalagh from another path.
    Left side of the jungle, going up to reach the ridge. after a short Steep slope, the ridge path can be seen.
    continuing the ridge, enjoying the very beautiful adventure up there, after about 1.5 h, you'll reach the Chin kalagh summit. Altitude 2820m. Continuing the ridge you will reach 2 Shakh (2 antlers) summits. (contains two summits near each other) which there will be some stone climbing between 2 antlers. You can decide not to reach 2 Shakh summits and shortcut the way from down side of the summits to continue the ridge.

    Continuing the ridge at last reaches you to Tochal summit.
    It can be both 2 days program & 1 day program.
    The whole ridge covers whole north of Tehran from north-west to north-east.

  • August 22, 2014
    Martin Rogetzky from Sweden

    In summer, start very early morning from Darband, (around 1800m elevation), while temperatures are reasonable. The first 3 km of the trail lead along a creek past an abundance of restaurants. After the restaurants the fun begins. A fairly steep and well prepared trail leads up to Shir Pala shelter (about 2750m), past several waterfalls. Here is a good place to eat your breakfast. There is a restaurant also and, if you want to do the climb in two days, you can sleep here.

    From here go west up a ridge until you see the signpost to Tochal peak. Follow the trail up the ridge. There is shelter, Amiri, at 3400m. Continue to the top where you find another shelter.

    Climbing times are about 2-2.5 hours from Darband to Shir Pala. 3.5-6 hours from Shir Pala to the peak.

    From the peak you can walk down to 7th station of the telecabin, but in summer this only operates erratically on thursdays and friday afternoons. Call ahead and check.

    Water is to be had at Shir Pala and Amiri shelters.

    Check the weather report before hiking up, as conditions can become very harsh. Also the visibility at the top can be very bad some days, partly because of the smog from Tehran, and partly because of desert carried pushed into the mountains by the wind. On clear days the views of the surrounding mountains and especially Damavand are fantastic.

    For winter climbing, the trail is marked above 3000m by snow sticks.

  • November 02, 2012
    Naser Ramezani from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    mount Touchal
    Touchal (height 3962 meters) is located just in north of Tehran and is popular for Tehran clibmers. They can claim this hight only in a half a day and eat their lunch at home because Tele-cabin is available for return to Tehran from 3700 meters height. An this level there is a five star hotel with full accommodation for rest, open 4 seasons.

    8 months of skiing is possible. For climbing this mountain there are 10 well known ways. First of all and oldest way is from Tajrish and Darband that is the most beautiful way to get to the Shirpala shelter and Amiri (Siah Sang) hut and Touchal summit. It takes about 6 to 8 hours for semi professionals climber to reach the peak. On this route, climbers have to face some rocky and stony paths for the first 2 hr of climbing and then Shirpala shelter appears.

    In this place you can rest and eat breakfast . Inside the shelter there is some accommodation for staying the night and a restaurant with light food.

    Other ways to Touchal are from Colakcal (Jamshidieh park). Velenjak. Darabad. Emamzadeh Davoud. Shahrestanak. Shekarab. Eegoal. Darakeh.

    Naser Ramezani