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MxPico Perico – Climbing Notes

Pico Perico Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • January 18, 2011
    Andromaco from Mexico

    Pico Perico is the second highest peak in Cerro de las Mitras. It takes about 4hrs to reach the summit starting in Colonia Cumbres. The trail is very well indicated by colour ribbons. You start the ascending through a bush forest which later turns into a steep "stone river" surrounded by tall trees (mostly oaks). After 2 hours of steep climb and zig-zag trail you reach a horizontal path that takes you through remnants of old mines (bring a torch to lighten you). This horizontal path is a very good rest after climbing from 700m to approx. 1300m The final part is a second very steep climb through another "stone river" which takes you into some boulders that require some scrambling.
    View from the top is 360º, especially good to see Santa Catarina, San Pedro and Monterrey city centre.