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UsPacksaddle Mountain (Llano County, Texas) – Climbing Notes

Packsaddle Mountain (Llano County, Texas) Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • July 20, 2019
    bob pickle from United States

    The land owner isnt welcoming and If you’ve been up there ‘many times’ your breaking the law. best to stay away from that place.

  • August 22, 2018
    Nacho from United States

    I thought the "last hikers" were eaten by grizzly bears....

    Packsaddle is indeed private, but I have been up there many times (there is a historical marker on top). The land owner used to be welcoming.

    There was a time not long ago when ranchers in the area left gates unlocked but in 2018, there is a pervasive city type attitude in the country and the old timers who complain about city folks act just like them by placing a lock on everything.

  • April 17, 2018
    ed from United States

    First i would l would like to tell who ever runs this site to take Packsaddle of this places to hike .Here is why this is private property and just like your backyard or home if your caught trespassing you will go to jail,just like the last hikers and got to spend a night in jail.There is signs
    posted for no trespassing and in Texas any property fenced in is considered private.My suggestion would be look up Texas Parks Wildlife find some public land to go hiking.

    thank you

    [Editor replies. First, much of the world is privately owned and in such cases the public can request access from the owner. In the vast majority of cases, land owners are obliging. Second, land title is transient. Topography tends to out-live its owners and many people choose to bequeath marginal steep land to conservation. Third, it is reasonable for someone to simply want to see some mountain and to be interested in whether or not it will be snow-covered: they may not be allowed to visit the mountain at present but meanwhile nobody can prevent them from looking at it. Fourth, the land owners themselves and their private guests may be interested in the weather forecast. Last, in most of the world, trespass is not even a criminal offence. It only becomes a criminal offence if there is criminal damage. Even then, prosecutions leading to incarceration are almost unheard of. Personally, I welcome access to my land as it dispels any notion that there is anything shady going on.]