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Mount Aeolus (Vermont)

Mount Aeolus (Vermont) Climbing Notes

  • August 27, 2020
    Herb Ogden from United States

    Once the trail leaves the ATV track above the bat cave and upper vista, it soon becomes very hard to follow. There's barely a treadway for a while, and then even that disappears, so all you can do if follow occasional blue surveyor's tape on trees until you climb above the ledges and the treadway occasionally appears. With the trees leafed out, you often can't see from one tape to another, so you may end up bushwhacking. The old Dorset Ridge Trail from the summit north to the gap between Mt. Aeolus and Dorset Hill is totally unmarked and there is no tread way near the top and bottom. Just follow the ridge till you hit a woodroad that leads down to near the Freedley Quarry.