Humphreys Peak Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • November 16, 2021
    Gene from United States

    My adult son and trekking partner summited Humphreys as one of our training peaks for a planned trip to Nepal next March 2022, Our plan is to summit Mt. Cholatse at 6,440 meters.

    Humphreys trek is a beautiful romp through Aspen forests with fantastic views. We started this climb on the morning of 9/20/2021 it was a crisp clear windless day, temp was 38f at the trail head. Trek is very straight forward until one hits the saddle between the Peaks. One trail at the saddle goes left as you look down at Flagstaff, this trail to the second highest peak in AZ is closed due to a moss that is protected. The trial to the right, if you want to call it that, goes to Humphreys Peak. Note: stay to the right when heading towards Humphreys Peak, if you go left you are going the wrong direction on the trail to the summit, as I did. The trail does hook back up to the correct trail its just a bit harder to navigate. I should mention the so called trail from the saddle is all volcanic rock with pole markers for directions, just follow those poles and you will eventually find the summit. This section of the trek through the false summits and very difficult going volcanic rock is very challenging. Just pace yourself take plenty of time, drink lots of water and check "Mountain Forecast" before you head up in this region, weather is very unstable too during the summer months, lots of "popup" storms they will ruin your day. Go get'em and stay safe! Cheers!

  • May 22, 2018
    PLEE from United States

    On my last trip to Mount Humphrey's Peak, I ran into a guy from Switzerland, and I believe we were probably of a handful of people that might have been on the mountain that day as it was a weekday, also the weather was over-cast and cool at the base near snow-bowl parking lot and continued to drop as we climbed. Then at around 11,400 feet just before we cleared the tree-line the temps dropped to 25 degrees, and as we cleared the final large rocks just past the tree-line the temp went down to 20 degrees with light drizzle and then turned to sleet, and then we had a white-out right in our faces...we only made it another 500 feet or so up the path when we heard two huge thunder bolts hit the mountain top...we looked at each other thinking we could go on to the top, when a second set of bolts hit the mountain, but this time much closer to us. We decided it was best to turn around and head back down, and then the snow came down hard, and steady and I also took a nice fall and broke my cell phone that was in my side pocket, but it probably saved me from breaking the upper part of my leg where the phone was....all in all it was a great trip and I love hiking this mountain, but I have learned one thing its unpredictable and you better haven plenty of food and water and able to shelter yourself and make a good fire if you ever find yourself not able to get off the mountain.



  • May 12, 2017
    Aaron D from United States

    Date of hike: April 13th 2017

    Started around 10 am at Snowbowl parking lot. I had a very difficult time finding and then staying on the trail from the very start due to snow pack. I decided to stay just left of the resort in the trees. I didn't wear any snowshoes or crampons so I was kick punching the whole way up. Popped up just left of the saddle and headed for the peak. The wind was high and the temperature dropped substantially. Bring extra layers!

    It was a bit sketchy up top due to the ice and high wind. Spent only about a minute up on Humphreys peak then headed back down.I did a lot of sliding but the trekking poles helped quite a bit. Came out of the trees just above Heart Prairie and was back in the parking lot just before 2pm. I feel like not following the trail and heading straight up helped speed up time and made it easier to navigate!

  • April 29, 2016
    Stanley Peng from United States


    Started a little after 7am and had a gut feeling that this was too late with a forecast of snow shower in PM.
    Wind wasn't a factor below the tree line even though the forecast was severe gust. Trail was still walkable with fair amount of new snow on top of old from the night before. Sign is not visible especially with deeper snow cover. It's easy to get lost near the steep approach toward the saddle and trail merge. I did not carry crampons but only a pair of trail running shoes (Pearl Izumi Peak II), so I had to be very careful on every step I make. It got quite gusty on the saddle onward to the peak. Follow the wooden post and do not wonder off, it's easy to get lost. Back track if there is any doubt of off trail. Snow storm came sooner than expected around 11am while on San Francisco Peak. Then it was whiteout with ice hail blown over 40+mph. Visibility was only arm length, so spotting a wooden post was considered a blessing. Didn't realize I was at the peak when I saw a sign-in metal case with Humphreys Peak post laying on the ground after being blown down from daily strong gust. It was noon. The tougher part was descending as whiteout blizzard condition continued. Layers of clothing is very important. I also had climbing helmet and two hiking poles, which worked wonder in leveraging from hard pack snow footing. Ice axe would be more appropriate in deep snow condition like this in case of a slip down the slope. Snow was hard-packed in the afternoon toward the bottom and it made progression more difficult.

    Took 4 hours to get down with numerous slips and falls. Helmet and foot traction device certainly advisable for condition like this. This hike with winter condition was more like a climb to Mt. Shasta or Rainier, both I consider snow hike and moderately easy. Encountering a snow storm like this is a first, thanks for the mountain-forecast's weather forecast.

  • April 23, 2015
    Jim Valentine from United States

    I climbed the peak on Tuesday, April 21,2015. My dog and I left the Snow Bowl parking lot at 7 am and arrived at the top by 10:20 am. We encountered snow and ice on the lower trail in the forest. More snow below the saddle, and mostly clear the rest of the climb. Visibility was fair at the top with haze and clouds obscuring the potential great views. Winds were light and temperature in the 30's. I used my worn Kahtoola's for traction on the snow and ice.

  • May 22, 2013
    JQ from United States

    Hiked to peak on 05/10/13. New snow from night before. Peak was about 37 degrees F. Winds were >50mph. Heavy snow on last saddle before peak. With the freeze thaw, conditions of snow may be soft, or may be slick. Depends on day. Crampons not needed, but they helped on the way up just before the saddle.