Carrantuohill Climbing Notes

  • July 25, 2015
    Terry from Ireland

    I climbed Carrantuohill for the first time on the 22nd July, 2015 (last week).

    I can say with some authority based on outdoor experience that it is an understated mountain if not known. I was fortunate to meet with a lovely group of family members, the lead member being from Tralee, who took me along with them. Their patience and graciousness made for an unforgettable experience and wonderful day.

    My advice to anybody who has not climbed the mountain, regardless of experience, is to go with somebody who knows the conditions and terrain the first time.

    Many experienced climbers have made a central mistake: many assume because the mountain height is below many European continental and world peaks that it is easy. The fact is that no two days are the same on any Irish mountain landscape. Conditions can change rapidly on Carrantuohill.

    Bear in mind that the Irish climate is maritime, between tropical and northern latitudes. Micro climates and changes in wind direction and temperature can disorientate even experienced climbers.

    Do it right and it is a totally unforgettable experience.

    Thanks again to those lovely people with whom I shared an unforgettable experience.


  • April 29, 2015
    martina from Ireland

    We climbed in Sept 2014 as a small group of amateur walkers.

    We all enjoyed and in total it took us over 4 hours to complete our climb up and down and we stopped for a lunch at the top of the Devil's Ladder on our way back down. It was cold at the last stage just before the summit so wear a hat but light clothing is good with a good rain jacket sun lotion and good footwear is advisable. Bring water and a walking stick just got in my way I didn't need it.
    Most of all plan your trip well make sure someone knows the route you plan to take, don't go alone have your map packed for the the summit and enjoy.