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TwXueshan (雪山) – Climbing Notes

Xueshan (雪山) Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • November 24, 2020
    Muniandy Raju from Taiwan

    Follow friend to one stay at hostel and to go for pitching apples
    My trip om 11/28~11/29 only

  • January 27, 2013
    Ray from Taiwan

    Snow Mountain is Taiwan's 2nd highest peak and a beautiful not-too-difficult climb for healthy persons.

    Permits are required to enter Shei Pa National Park. Huts and campsites in the park are free, but must reserved on a 1st-come/1st served basis between 7 ~ 30 days before your trek. The on-line reservation site has an English option.

    Also, reservations can only be made between 7am ~ 11pm. Popular sites (such as the 369 cabin near the main peak) fill up within hours 30 days before weekends. (within 1 minute - by 7:01am - up to 40 or more beds can be reserved!) The online site is at https://apply.spnp.gov.tw/en/en_location.php

    After obtaining a park permit (which includes camp & hut reservations), a police mountain permit must be obtained. Usually this is just a formality, but ambitious treks crossing several jurisdictions in one day might not be approved. The police web-site is only in Chinese (no proof of ID needed); otherwise the police permit can be applied for in person in Taipei or near the mountain (but you must show all trip members' ID's)