Torrecerredo Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • July 01, 2010
    JAVIER MORENO from Spain

    Torrecerredo is the highest altitude of Picos de Europa and Cantabric Mountains.
    The peak is very well documented in a set of mountain guides, mainly available in Spanish. For English readers, the literature published by Robin Walker is strongly recommended.
    Posada de Valdeón can be used as departure point when coming from the south and climbing option from "Jou Los Cabrones" is chosen. For people coming from the north side (Asturias), the option from Sotres and Collado Pandebano is preferred.
    Do not underestimate the high mountain environment of the peak, even in summer. With the exception from mid-August to mid-October, for the rest of the year piolet or even crampons are mandatory, and the use of rope highly recommended. The closeness of Cantabric Sea usually means unstable weather (take always a check to weather forecast), and during summer severe storms can be created in small time.
    Anycase, it is a superb mountain. Enjoy it!