Spruce Knob Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • June 21, 2023
    Stan Cardwell from United States

    just did "the loop." Huckleberry to Lumberjack to High Meadow to Seneca Creek to Judy Springs and back out Huckleberry.

    I wish we'd cut the loop and taken Horton.

    Lumberjack was a muddy mess and High Meadow has not been maintained - over growth and trails that have not been leveled.

    Huckleberry, as always is an "alpine joy." Seneca Creek has incredible scenery and camps (you will need to do water crossings. BUT, the trail is easy enough that you can keep your water shoes on (if you have good Crocks or similar.) Judy Springs is a tough up and out but some incredible views.

    (My first trip, I missed a trail and ended up taking Judy Springs down to Seneca Creek and back out - this is the shortest route to get to the water.)

    We had miserable weather. I watched this site and it changed constantly. Even just before the trip, the forecast looked promising. Fooled us.