Sierra Grande Climbing Notes

  • May 18, 2013
    Ira Berlin from United States

    Climbed SG about 3 years ago. Be sure and request permission from the owners (the Wolfe's) prior to hiking since most of the mountain is privately owned. I approached it from the north side off Rt 64 onto Amsdad Rd. and after talking with owners drove closer to the base and the start of the trail. Very consistent grade to the summit - no special skills needed. There is a large antennae array at the top which I had concern for as far a radiation but the owner said she rides up all the time with her horse so I guess it's not an issue. You'll have a great view of Capulin just to the north and everything else within a 100 mile radius. You might make out Black Mesa in NW Oklahoma 60 miles east (another mild climb!).