سبلان Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • July 20, 2019
    Amirreza Aalabaf from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    I'd like to congratulate you on considering a climb to this beautiful mountain in the first place. If I were to tell you about the terrain and the route leading to the summit I'd say its a harsh yet not so technical route and it wont bother you for the most part except for some exhaustion caused by the altitude.

    The entire hike takes roughly 5 hours (to ascend) and 3.5hrs (to descend) which in total makes about 10 - 11 hrs (for us it took 10:56) including the stops you make at different spots.

    Bare in mind acclimatization is of absolute importance in such high altitude climbs and has to be done in order to aid your body go through what it has in front of it so don't try to conquer this beast in a single day unless you're one beast yourself. Take warm and cozy clothes with you and don't forget to hydrate a lot in advance of your climb and during it.

    It's not hard whatsoever, just go prepared.

    Wish you luck.

  • June 13, 2019
    josephirma from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    Important points on the ascent. As a result of the ascension, it seems that the metal
    Flag are installed on track, which shows the route even in the winter.
    It's best to set up a shelter in the warm season one day and close to the morning
     And carry the lamp in head
    Even in warm days, wear suits and gloves
    When climbing and descending from the slopes to the , take care that it is deadly
    At the peak of the mountain when you are immersed in the beauty of this beautiful mountain
    Do not forget us too
    ardabil__sabalan in instagram

  • August 25, 2013
    Farhad Abdi from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    Sabalan is one of the most beautiful mountains in Iran and all of the world.
    Because there is a little peak that makes a meltwater lake in here.
    When you arrive at the peak you should, for return, ask any another people that are here for the true way to come back. And notice to precipice and crag please.
    Thank you for every wish that comes to Sabalan peak

  • April 04, 2013
    Mohammad Reza Safavi from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    Sabalan peak is one the most beautiful mountains around the world because of its little lake on its summit. Even in June and July you may encounter snow at elevations near the peak. So if you are going to climb in these months you should be equipped with suitable equipment and warm clothes. If you want to see the lake un-frozen you had better climb it in the middle of Mordad (the 5th month of Iranian calendar-beginning of August).
    The usual route for climbing is northern route near a city called Meshkin-shahr. During climbing you can enjoy wonderful views of this mountain.
    See you in Sabalan or Savalan (an Azeri pronunciation).

  • January 20, 2012
    Savalan from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    This mountain has a resort at 3400m.
    The path to summit has a lot of mineral water for drinking. There is one beautiful lake on the summit and seeing it refreshes the soul.
    Be careful that there is a little risk when climbing. Because the stones is not so fixed and maybe fall when you put your foot. The other thing that I must say is that the weather must not be foggy when you are climbing.