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Rush Peak mountain guide

Rush lake  tours by Saleh, Rush Peak photo

Rush Peak

Photo credit: Saleh

Hoper Rush Karakorum, Rush Peak photo

Rush Peak

Photo credit: Saleh

Rush Lake behind Polan La and Miar Peak, Rush Peak photo

Rush Peak

Photo credit: SALEH

Rush Lake, Rush Peak photo

Rush Peak

Photo credit: Kaleem

  • Elevation: 5098 m
  • Difficulty:
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Rush Peak Climbing Notes

Mohammad Saleh from PAKISTAN writes:

Rush lake Tour
Rush Lake Tour Hoper is one of the most specialized treks in Pakistan includes Rash Phari Trek in the Karakoram. Rash Phari means sparkling Lake. It is one of the most recommended treks for those who want to have a first time trekking experience with a life long excitement. We walk on glaciers, through villages to a look at the real life of those living at foot steps of mighty glaciers, along the irrigated terraced fields with the impressive view of the mighty Karakoram Mountains from summit of Rush Peak (5,098m).
It is the junction of two famous glaciers of Barpu and Bualter. It is interesting that local legends talk about the gender of these glaciers of being male and female and also about their meetings and birth of the new glaciers. Our trek starts at Hoper, a marvelous valley with green fields and fruit orchards which is also famous for its potato seeds which are exported to other parts of Pakistan especially in Gilgit-Baltistan
Gilgit Baltistan travel Tips,
Tip 1
points for attention to climate.Summer in GB is dry and sunny so you should prepare enough water.But the evening time every tourists destinations were quite cool you should carry your over light jacket .
Tip 2
Taboos. when you entered in Gilgit Baltistan the following taboos should be paid more attention
i,not eat any pork, horse meat, pig meat etc in front of any public place or in an open hotel.
ii. Not drink any wine , alcoholic drinks in front of other Muslim guests. Wine is forbidden strictly in Islam.
iii. Photography from local females are strictly not allowed. If you captured during making photography it may be any serious case
Tip 3.
Don't distribute chocolates, pens, dollars among local small kids and boys. As here are not dentists to fill their cavities and not any proper way to use money wisely. If you like to help the local kids boys youth then you consult any local elders group, CBO etc.
Tip 4. Greetings
Memories and repeatedly try these greeting words and few sentences for friendly travel. Communicate with locals . They feel happy to exchange few words with you.
i.Assalam-0 – Alikhum . This is a praying sentence. A prayer for good health.
ii. KIA HALL HAY BA,EE ? How are you dear?
iii. May THEEK HO. I am fine
iv. AP KA NAAM KIA Hy? what is your name plz?
v. BOHOT KHUBSIRAT HY . very beautiful place
vi. MAY TALIB ILAM HO. I am a student.
vii.PAKISTAN ZINDA BAAD . Long live Pakistan.
viii. AP ACHAAY HO. you looks very good
ix. MUJY YEAH JAAGAH PASSAND Hy. I like your places very much.
x. KHUDA HAFIZ. Good bye
For your own choice of words and sentences or pronunciations please feel free to ask to our language Teacher 00923159181234. or EMail us .
thank you , Best Luck


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