Roan High Knob Climbing Notes

  • October 02, 2020
    Brian from United States

    I hiked this a few years back from Carvers Gap to the OverMountain Shelter. This hike is very beautiful but deceiving. I have hiking poles now thanks to this camp and hike experience. Weather changes very quickly and some parts can be slick and challenging if your pack is heavy. Have proper footwear if you intend to do a day hike. I hiked in September and needed warm gear at night. Pack as light as you can.

  • September 08, 2015
    Allen Hegener from United States

    I have hiked this many times. On the AT. Mostly I have done it in the winter. Bring hiking poles. Lots of ICE!. AT shelter off spur trail on the left at the top. No wood to speak of at the shelter so plan accordingly. About two hours from Carvers Gap. Usually some overnight backpackers at the shelter, freezing. Gets windy up above 5,0000 Feet. Gloves and hat in the winter a must. I have had teenagers get off the trail coming down so watch the blazes. Don't let this fairly easy hike fool you in the winter. Lots of risks and dangers. Lots of water along the trail on the way up. Shelter on the top has two stories with a ladder to the top. Good wind break. Below zero many times during the winter not including the wind factor. Compound fractures a possibility for youth leaders in the winter. Plan accordingly.

    Allen Hegener