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UsPelican Butte – Climbing Notes


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  • October 07, 2020
    hans kuhr from United States

    Pelican butte is a nice hike, you just follow the gravel road for 4.6 miles to the lookout. its a long walk up but the scenery gets very nice and the steel tower at the top is invincible. I would call this a moderate hike due to its length. Going up takes more time and energy, going down is nice and easy since its a good gravel road . Take a lunch, and enjoy the view of Klamath Lake from the top. Avoid summer hiking unless you bring a lot of mosquito repellent. During winter I have snow shoed this hike and enjoyed it. Its a long day hike and a long winter hike. Cross Country skiing could be nice also.

    To get there ,from highway 140 about half way between Medford , Oregon and Klamath Falls, Oregon, take the cold springs trail head road all the way to the end about 10 miles. Park there in the large parking area with toilets and hike back one half mile on the road you came up to the sign saying pelican butte. The road goes up hill and is on your left..... Enjoy