Owl's Head (Franconia, New Hampshire) weather

Owl's Head (Franconia, New Hampshire)

Owl's Head (Franconia, New Hampshire) Climbing Notes

  • July 14, 2018
    Steve Neal from United States

    7/12/18 I completed this hike beginning and ending at the Lincoln Woods Visitor Center, an 18-mile out and back hike. The approach is long and gradual, gaining only 1450 feet in the first 8 miles. The final section is Owl's Head Path. The junction where you leave Lincoln Brook Trail to get on the path was marked by a small cairn (about a foot high), which may not always be there. See the White Mountain Guide 30th edition for a description of the junctions' location. Once on the Path, you'll soon begin to ascend the Slide. This is a very strenuous rock climb, gaining 1,450 feet in 8/10 of a mile. Once on the summit area, you may see a small cairn marking the "old" summit. Continue on trail for 2/10 of a mile. The new, true summit (20 feet higher than was previously thought to be the summit)was unmarked the day of my hike, but if you get to the end of the trail, you've reached it.

  • October 09, 2012
    Don Waterman from United States

    It took two attempts for this 64 year old and only once for his 35 year old daughter. If you complete as an overnight, you probably could leave your pack at the second water crossing and then breeze right a long. We carried the full packs to the slide, and that was my downfall. Halfway up the slide, I literally ran out of gas. We talked about camping at the bottom of the slide and trying again the next day, but I was concerned that a lack of good night's sleep may have defeated us twice in 24 hours. I had her march forward with another couple that caught up to us, and I headed back to the bottom of the slide to wait for her return. The second attempt a week later,with someone closer in age to me, and completed as a day hike, was successful. No tent and no sleeping bag made for an easier hike. I found it useful to bring a pair of sandals for the water crossings and some electrolytes. It doesn't hurt to have a hand towel to dry the feet before putting the socks back on. I read the complaints about lack of scenery but Galehead isn't much better. Say what you want, it's not a walk in the park. My daughter plans to go back - not me, time for the other Owl's head next time.