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UsOld Speck Mountain – Climbing Notes


Old Speck Mountain Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 05, 2013
    Dr.Joe from United States

    My hiking partner and I hiked Old Speck yesterday on our way to capturing the last ten peaks of the New England Four Thousand Footers; we have completed all of New Hampshire and Vermont. The weather was perfect although it was quite windy at the summit - the views were awesome; we avoided the Eybrow Trail but vow to come back and to that one next year. The trail is rough and steep in places but not a lot different from other trails we have been on - one criticism however, in too many places the trail is not clearly marked and it might be entirely possible to become confused, especially hiking at night or in poor lighting conditions. We passed one woman, an experienced hiker, who was on her way up and asked us to confirm that she was on the Old Speck Trail. I wouldn't think that it would be too difficult to hike up with a can of white spray paint and mark enough trees so the trail would be easier to follow.