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Mutnovsky Photo: 'Mutnovsky as seen from Gorely crater rim' by Wolfgang Piecha

Mutnovsky as seen from Gorely crater rim
user: Wolfgang Piecha (85 photos)
photo taken at: 4:53 pm 15 Jul 2018

Mutnovsky as seen from Gorely crater rim

Russia | Mutnovsky

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Mutnovsky is an active volcanoe. It is frequently hiked from the same campsite as Gorely. Entry point is the canon visible on the bottom of this photo, at a level of around 1.300m. From there, the hike inside the crater is 2 km to reach a final crater at 1.600m. Summer snow permitting, smaller 4-WD cars drive just as high up to the canon as possible, allowing an easy hike of 4 hours. I had a heavy 6-WD Russian outdoor bus. The driver had to drop us 11 km north of the canon, at the power plant.