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Mount Tom Taylor

Mount Tom Taylor Climbing Notes

  • August 30, 2013
    Chris Ruttan from Canada

    Hike in the Bedwell Lake trail in Strathcona Park but only to Baby Bedwell Lake where there are wilderness camp sites. From the camp sites travel on the west side of baby Bedwell following a faint but ribboned route that takes you over a rock bulge and down near the west shore of Bedwell Lake. Upon reaching the bigger lakes drainage you will eventually come to a creek running down from the west slopes that is draining a pan above, this has a rough trail hand-railing it down, that is the route up to a small lake where you begin the climb up the east ridge by turning to your left away from the lake. There are some cairns and ribbons here and there but you can just find your way up following the height of land with just a bit of scrambling and some snow travel. You will likely think you're at the top a couple times before you actually reach the summit which is some fair distance away over a large snow field, past a bit of a pinnacle then up a rubble slope scramble to an exposed low 4th climb to the top.
    What for Ptarmigan up here as they are pretty common and extremely dangerous, just kidding.