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JaMount Kisokoma – Climbing Notes


Mount Kisokoma Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • August 22, 2023
    Samanyu from Japan

    As you exit the ropeway (round trip ~JPY4,500), you are immediately struck by how beautiful the Senjojiki cirque is. Makes it worth being packed like sardines in the ropeway car.

    The route is well maintained and marked with signs to Komagadake (駒ヶ岳)or Colt Mountain. You can break the climb into 3 parts:
    1. 40 min climb to the top of the cirque (乗越浄土) through a short series of switchbacks
    2. 20 min walk past a couple of mountain huts, and a short 20 minute climb to Nakadake(中岳)
    3. 15 minute descent to the last mountain hut and campsite, followed by a 25 min climb to the top of Kisokoma.

    1. There are trails in all directions, with some mountain huts sprinkled in. A good hiker could plan a really interesting route through this range, with plenty of scenic ridge hikes and well maintained trails
    2. Houkendake is a short excursion from just behind the first mountain hut. Most people climbing it had helmets on. Some had rope for safety.
    3. The descent from Nakadake can be tricky for newer hikers and might take a bit longer.