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AsMount Cobbler – Climbing Notes

Mount Cobbler Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • August 04, 2015
    Ian COOK from Australia

    Walking in on the Little Cobbler track, or drive if the track is open. There is a "gully" that runs up the eastern side of the peak that peters out about 400m to the north of the summit. A working knowledge of rope work is essential.

    Avoid the western approach as there a many escarpments, with a high degree of ability required. Walk in from the road about 3km short Little Cobbler and keep the summit of Mount cobbler on your right. After three hours (1200m) there is easier going to the right. Be wary is it will take you to a dead drop with difficult climbing. The last 200m is a fairly easy scramble.

    Be prepared to be out overnight, and there is no water at the top. Good Luck.