Mount Bachelor Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • March 01, 2019
    Adam from United States

    Mount Bachelor is an awesome climbing experience and really isn't that difficult. There is a very nice trail that is easy to follow that goes all the way to the summit. Along the way up, the trail goes up and then crosses over horizontally several times to give your legs a nice rest.

    On the last leg of the route not far from the summit, you will travel through a bunch of scattered rocks, but the trail carves through these piles for the most part and the route is very well marked. Pay attention as there are spots where the ground can collapse inward due to very loose volcanic debris. I broke the ground loose with my pole and filled the hole with rocks. It only took my friend and I about three hours to reach the summit.

    If you've never climbed before, I highly recommend giving Mount Bachelor a try. The view is amazing at the summit. You won't be disappointed.