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EiLugnaquilla – Climbing Notes

Lugnaquilla Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • December 05, 2015
    Mark w.s from Ireland

    Some say Lugnaquilla is an easy hike and it is true in a way. There are many easy/moderate routes up this mountain but there are also hard routes such as the "south prison" which should seriously not be attempted without proper gear and knowledge of the area.

    In winter, any route up the south prison should not be attempted without crampons or an ice axe. Weather on Lug in winter is tough with high winds and snow and ice throughout most of winter. If you are going up thinking about going up Lug, stick to the designated routes unless you have proper knowledge of mountaineering. And remember, never go to the mountains without a map, compass, and warm non-cotton water proof clothes!

  • April 24, 2015
    Basil Bailey from Ireland

    There are many approaches to climb Lugnaquilla. From the North East from Glenmalure via Carrawaystick Falls, via Baravore and then through Fraughan Glen or up the track from the north west which skirts Table Mountain and joins another access path from the west and then up to Camenabolgue and back to Lugnaquilla. From the southeast there are routes up from Drumgoff and Aughavanagh and from the south via Slieveman (Balllyneedin) or most commonly from Seskin via Camera Hill. The last is the most commonly used but caution it crosses an army firing range and you need to check when this is closed to hikers.

  • April 05, 2013
    Wicklow Cottage from Ireland

    Lugnaquilla is not a difficult climb but care must still be taken - conditions can change in an instant and the surrounding area is remote. Snow and ice are frequent in winter so good navigational skills and proper equipment is a must! Map and compass strongly recommended. Accommodation available in surrounding areas such as Aughavannagh Cottage and also in nearby Glenmalure.