Kjerag Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 18, 2010
    Prasanna from India

    It was a really thrilling experience. I was dumb struck looking at the Fjord beauty. Make sure to have shoes with good grip. For a person who is not into rock climbing this can be rated as a touch one but definitely not impossible! Make sure to carry some water and something light to eat. It is a 3 hrs up and 3hrs down a total of 6 hours of activity.
    There is a nice restaurant at the foot of the peak..A good one they have some nice dolls too!

    Am not sure if this is for kids below 11 years!?
    There is scope for camping en-route and you can think of spending the whole weekend doing this. But I think you will need to carry your backpack!! But be ready to have surprises with the weather. It can change in quickly. But you will enjoy it in all.