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Kediet ej Jill – Climbing Notes

Kediet ej Jill Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • June 08, 2019
    Greg Harris from Canada

    Highest Mountain in Mauritania. Hard to get to. Fly or travel to the town of Zouerate. When there obtain permissions from mining company, Gendarmes and politicians (we were supposed to get permission from the Mayor but he was not around during Ramadan. We obtained permission from the governor who was known to someone we met in the town).

    From Zouerate you can drive around the mountain (assuming you have permission which they'll ask for at the various check-points) and use the mining roads to gt close to the summit. From the closest mining road, it's about a 1 hour simple hike/scramble to the summit. There is a large rock pile cairn at the summit. We left a Mauritanian flag attached to the cairn. The summit is in a small range with three other visible peaks. The summit measures at 905 meters, the other two peaks measure at 880m and less.

    The climb is hot and there is no shade along the way. Bring water. The summit itself was somewhat windy with the winds blowing from across the open Sahara desert.