Kanlaon Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • March 24, 2020
    George BeranJan Beran from United States

    We climbed Kanlaon when we lived in the Philippines on Negros Oriental from 1960 -73. We climbed it in '73, probably in the month of April. It was hot. We used a guide through the rainforest but there was a path. We carried out own water and food leaving before dawn and hiked a long morning. The Dad and nine year in our family group of four hiked ahead once we got off of the forest. There was very tall cogon grass, that has large tough leaves with large seed tassels. It had lodged and it was challenging trying to hike to climb over the dry cogon which cur and made the way very slippery and slow. The two who went ahead climbed to the lip of the volcano, then became aware they didn't know how thick or strong the ledge was that they were lying and looking at the roiling steaming hot ash below. They abruptly reversed their plans and started scooting back down using stones in their to slow their progress. The other two in the group followed Dad's instructions not scale the volcano.
    Hint, do not expect to have a water source on the way. There was none. We drank our water by the time we reached the top because we were told there was water at the top. On the way down we filled our army canteens and put two Halazone (iodine pills) in each can to purify the water. We were so thirsty we hardly tasted the iodine.
    It was an adventure but be prepared for a strenuous experience.
    We went up and came down in one long day.