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NoJiehkkevarri – Climbing Notes

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  • July 11, 2012
    huiputtaja from Finland

    Jiehkkevárri is a highest peak in northern Norway. This glaciated peak is pretty easily to reach with some steep sections on a glacier. Normal and famous route to the summit starts at small village named Holmbukta in Lyngen. First route goes up to summit 1666 m named Holmbukttinden. It's easily to ascent to the first top. Then you must walk across the glacier, with some crevasses beetween Holmbukttinden and Jiehkkevárri. Crampons and ice axe would be very needful there. It's not very steep, only the last part to the summit 1738 would be somewhat difficult. Pretty steep there, but no drama. Then you'll take the last part to the highest peak. There are awesome, dramatic and very alpine landscape from the summit. Best season for top tour should be at winter when snow is strong. Norwegians says it's one of the best skitours in Scandinavia!!! It's also great to take a tour from April to August. Then it's needful to take crampons and axe with on the glacier.