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UsHole in the Mountain Peak – Climbing Notes

Hole in the Mountain Peak Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • June 20, 2015
    Tom Gathright from United States

    The approach road to the TH starts out fairly nice, but gets steeper along the way. My two wheel drive diesel engine truck was not able to make the steep grade (rear wheels were spinning out) and I had to park about one mile and 1,000 feet lower elevation below Lizzie's Basin.

    Do not follow the first set of cairns below Lizzie's Basin, they are not the climbing route, they are for a lower trail. I mistakenly took that route and had to bushwhack up the north ridge for a mile or so.

    Based on other climbing notes, it seems most people take the route, with the snow bank (see picture), but I met a biologist, studying the goats and sheep along the way. He said he has hiked the area once a week for three years and he was using the route further to the northeast. It seemed to have less scree and more boulders. I used that route down without any problems.