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Gora Belukha mountain guide

pik Delone, Gora Belukha photo

Gora Belukha

Photo credit: Сергей Бушаков

  • Elevation: 4506 m
  • Difficulty: Basic Snow and Ice Climb
  • Best months to climb: June, July, August
  • Convenient center: Gorno-Altaysk, Russia

Gora Belukha Climbing Notes

Extreme Time adventurers club from RUSSIAN FEDERATION writes:

Belukha Mountain - is the holy mountain for many nations. Buddhists believe here is Shambala - the great country which will be open for the world when humans are gone.

Orthodoxies believe here is the entrance to the great Belovodye country. When Nicolay Roerih discovered Buddhism he visited this place in the beginning of the last century.

Today travelers from the whole world come to the pedestal of this mountain. Everyone searches something for himself - an eternal balance or extreme adventure. But only the bravest ones can stand on a summit of this great mountain. Unexplained magical energy of the mountain inspires people.

In this tour you will not only summit the Belukha Mountain, you will make a beautiful trekking route to Akkemskoe Lake and visit holy places and see amazing Altai nature.

The way to the summit goes parallel with Belukha pedestal trekking route. If your friends or relatives want to go with you but they are not ready for the summit, they can wait you near Akkemskoe Lake or take rest on Holy places of Gorny Altai tour, Altai Yoga Tour or Photo Tour.

We are fanatically committed to the standards of safety, far superior to the ordinary requirements! You can enjoy your adventures. Every year we do our best for improving our skills and techniques. Satellite phones, GPS, Radio, first aid and insurance for every member of the group.

Our guides are professional certificated mountaineering instructors trained in a Central Alpine Instructors School on Caucasus.

There is no doubt - this is one of the most safety summits you can find!

Expedition organizer: Extreme Time adventurers club

Important details:

— Day distances from 10 till 24 km.

— The chief will made a food on a trekking part of the tour. There will be also duty-helpers from the members of the group.

— On a summit part of the tour, you will must cook for yourself. We will give you food, gas and stove for every tent-team.

— There will be horse transportation for food, group gear and part of individual gear (including to price).

— If you will pack your backpack smart, there will be no problem with the weight of your backpack. We can consult you about your gear list.

— There is a 40 minutes helicopter transfer option from Tyungur Village till Akkemskoye Lake (price by request).

— For beginners instructor will help with weight of the backpack and pace.

— We will send you gear list, detailed information and member form receiving your tour request.

— Tour request doesn't understand you have to go. It is only we send you information for making decision.

— If you want you can rent all gear you need.

— There will be medical insurance for all group. Also we will inform Ministry of Emergency Situations about the group and the route.

— You will order tour by 30% deposit. In case of cancellation of the trip no later than two months before the start of the trip, the prepayment is not refunded, but remains in your "account" to pay for future hikes and ascents during the year from the date of the registration fee.

Day by day description:

— Day 1. 18:00 local time meeting all members of the group in Novosibirsk. 19:00 local time depart to Altai Mountains.

— Day 2. Preborder checkpoint crossing, arriving to Tyungur Village, staying in camping with tents and woods for fire. Allocation of the gear and food in a group. Carrying common gear and food on a horses. Safety briefing.

— Day 3. Breakfast in the cafe on the camp site. Group off road transfer on 4x4 vehicle to «Tri Berezy» camp. Easy trekking by a forest trail. Night in the tents near stunning Tekelu Waterfall.

— Day 4. Trekking along the Akkem River to Akkemskoye Lake (8-10 km.). We will see amazing landscapes of the Belukha Mountain. Meeting with carrying horses with the gear and food. Allocation of the gear and food in a group. Night in the tents near the lake.

— Day 5. Early morning start. Trekking to Tomskye Stoyanki camp (alt. 3000 m.) through the glacier (17 km.). Crossing the Akkem River by the bridge. Night in the tents.

— Day 6. Alpine training on Arbuz Glacier:
How to use and to move in crampons;
Ascending and descending rope technique;
Voice signals;
Ice axe using;
Self-arresting technique;
Alpine group moving technique.
Walking to Delone Pass (in good weather conditions). Summit preparations. Night in the tents in Tomskye Stoyanki camp.

— Day 7. Early morning start. Delone Pass crossing (300 m. of ice with 30-40 angle degree). Guides will belay on you. Mensu Glacier crossing (7 km.). Arriving to BBC camp. Camp building.

— Day 8. Assault day. Moving in a bunch. Rope ascending on a Belukhinsky Pass (120 m.). Moving by the ridge in a bunch to the summit. Summit of Belukha Mountain. Descending of the group by a route of ascending. Night in the tents.

— Day 9. Extra day for the bad weather.

— Day 10. Trekking through BBC camp, Tomskye Stoyanki camp to Akkemskoye Lake.

— Day 11. Trekking from Akkemskoye Lake to Tekelu Waterfall. For renting horses from Tekelu Waterfall to Tyungur Village please inform us during day 2 (not including to price).

— Day 12. Trekking from Tekelu Waterfall to Tyungur Village via Kuzuyak Pass (alt. 1513 m.). Finish of the tour. Russian sauna. Departure to Novosibirsk.

— Day 13. Arriving to Novosibirsk 15:00 - 16:00 local time.


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