Freel Peak Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • October 09, 2018
    Robert D. from United States

    10/6/2018: Set out to hike Freel Peak, Job's Sister and Job's Peak in a clockwise loop. Started a bit late 12:30pm and sunset was 6:30pm. To my surprise, some snow/ice had already fallen at about the 9,000 foot level. As I reached the Freel Peak summit, the temperature had dropped considerably and the wind was blasting bits of ice on me. I started feeling altitude sickness as well.

    After summiting Freel, I continued on to Job's Sister with high winds coming in from the Nevada side. The clouds were coming in and I seemed like I was in a blizzard by the time I started to descend to the saddle between Job's Sister and Job's Peak. All hints of a trail were blown away by the high wind at times. Upon reaching the final ascent to Job's Peak, I could not see to top due to clouds so I cancelled that last ascent.

    If you attempt this hike, beware of the potential altitude sickness, for freezing winds at the top and keep in mind that conditions can change quickly. I was lucky to make it back to my car at 7:00pm. I will try all three peaks again when things warm up in late spring.