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Damavand (دماوند) Photo: 'Mount Damavand' by Hamid Mohammadnazar

Mount Damavand, Damavand (دماوند)
user: Hamid Mohammadnazar (28 photos)
photo taken at: 3:26 pm 6 Jan 2012

Mount Damavand

Iran | Damavand (دماوند)

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Mount Damāvand (Pronounced /dæmävænd/) (Persian: دماوند ‎), is a potentially active volcano or Stratovolcano and the highest peak in Iran, has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore. It is located in the middle Alborz Range, adjacent to Varārū, Sesang, Gol-e Zard[disambiguation needed] and Mīānrūd and is the highest volcano in all of Asia. It is a potentially active volcano, since there are fumaroles near the summit crater emitting sulfur, which were known to be active on July 6, 2007. The mountain is located near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea, in Āmol county, Māzandarān, 66 kilometres (41 miles) northeast of Tehran.