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UkBrock Crags – Climbing Notes


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  • May 12, 2022
    Truefreedomseekers from United Kingdom

    Brock Crags in the Lake District is located near to Brothers Water. This can be found by heading south from Ullswater, or north from Windermere.

    There is a small car park near to Brothers Water to park for your walk, or a car park in Hartsop too.

    There is a mostly clear walk up to Brock Crags and from the Wainwright you can hop over to Rest Dodd and The Nab to make a round walk. You can also head up to Angletarn Pikes too if you desire, depending on the time in the day that you have.

    A really lovely area in the Lake District and worth the visit, and the walk to the top of the Wainwright too.