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UkBinsey – Climbing Notes


Binsey Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • May 18, 2022
    Truefreedomseekers from United Kingdom

    Binsey has great access to the fell in the Lake District from the very base itself. This means you don't have to walk too far to begin your walk up the Wainwright as there is parking just on the opposite side of the road from where your walk can begin.

    The walk to the top of Binsey will take you around half an hour or so as it isn't the tallest of fells. It's also pretty easy and standard uphill walking with no real complications.

    The fellside itself is grassy and the path is clear the entire way up. Although you really do just keep heading up in a straight line so this makes it even easier.

    The views from the top are really nice though looking over to the Skiddaw range of fells. And with there being no close fell near to Binsey, you really do get panoramic views over much of the northern lakes.

    An easy and quick walk suitable for all ages and great for beginners.