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UsBearhat Mountain – Climbing Notes

Bearhat Mountain Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • March 02, 2011
    clmbr4lyfe from United States

    If you wait until the spring, right when Logan Pass opens...you can climb the main coulie up the east face with one short rock traverse (some may need rope)that leads to climbers right. This traverse is taken when you climb the coulie and get choked out of the there by nasty rock...about 2/3 up the coulie. After the traverse to the right, then head straight up to the summit where you may or may not have another crux in getting over the final serac. This is a great route but don't do it if there is any sign of rock fall because 2/3 of the route is a garbage dump for falling rock if the conditions are not cold enough. Good luck and enjoy GNP. clmbr4lyfe