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IrAlam Kuh or Alum Kooh – Climbing Notes


Alam Kuh or Alum Kooh Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • August 02, 2021
    Ayaz Saeidzadeh from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    The north face of this peak creates vertical walls of Alam Kooh and Shakhak. There is a perfect 350m wall under the summit of Shakhak sometimes it can be seen even more impressive than an Alam Kooh wall in some photos which have the height range between 350m and 600m (including steep glacier). Alam Kooh famous for its wall. The fame is for being the wall having the highest altitude at base and peak, no other wall in Iran is located in a higher place than Alam Kooh wall. There is a glacier name Alamchal at the base of the north face that slightly rises to about 4200m. Then there is about 150m to 200m, very steep glacier (nearly vertical). And the wall rises about 450m vertical granite rock up to the summit.
    Climbing Mount Alam (Alam Kooh) via all north routes is class five high altitude technical climbs which need to hard struggle with rock, ice and rock.
    Climbing Alam Kooh by any route in winter is difficult and technical.

  • August 14, 2016
    AhmadReza Valikhani from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    Alm koh is in the area with more than 45 peaks above 4000 meters height in the province Kelardasht sity of Mazandaran province in Iran.

    it's the second highest mountain in Iran with 4850 meters altitude after Damavand peak.

    glacier The most important morphological phenomena are the natural glacier which related the Quaternary period. they are active with of tens millions years ago.
    One of the most important glaciers named Alam Chal , with 3000 meters long and 750 meters wide which has a 80 meter depth.
    the most important glaciers are:
    1. Alam chal glacier
    2. Takht-e Soleiman
    3. Northern Glacier Peak Takht-e Soleiman
    4. Western Glacier
    5. Haft khan
    6. Khersan
    7. Myksh

  • December 12, 2014
    Cesar Pérez de Tudela from Spain

    Quiero información para grupo de senderistas españoles en el mes de agosto, primera o segunda quincena. Querría presupuesto para llegar a la cima del monte Alan Küs. Necesito saber si existen refugios para pernoctar y comer en la ascension.
    Hotel en Teheran, traslado a la región de Soleiman (Alan Küs) Visita a la ciudad de Teheran 2 o 3 días, Persepolis u otra ciudad de la región(si no está muy lejos) Viajes incluídos, hoteles en habitacion doble, comida, cena y desayuno. Total 11/12 días. El grupo sería alrededor de 20 personas. Necesito saber precio en dólares o euros.Recibimiento en aeropuerto para llevar al grupo a hotel y lo mismo al regreso.

  • October 22, 2011
    Farzin Malaki from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    Greetings from Iran. Caspiantrek specializes in trekking all over the Alborz mountain range including Damavand. We have our own rural traditional guest-house called "Khoonegeli" and can tailor make any trekking or climbing to your needs. For more information please visit our website. We are mountaineers and nature lovers!
    Regards, Farzin Malaki

  • February 28, 2011
    mehdi jabarian from Iran, Islamic Republic of

    Alam kuh is the second highest mountain in my country Iran. It is in the center of Takhte Soleiman region with 35 peaks over than 4000 meters altitude.

    It has some routes with various degree of technical difficulties. The most difficult face of this wonderful mountain is its north wall with several technical routes which names are Polish48, Polish52, Arash, Golden Fall etc. The normal route to reach the peak in summer is on the south face of mountain which is named Hesarchal. Without any technical difficulty with beautiful views of region.
    If you travel to my country I can help you to visit this place. My phone number: 09121757451