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Villarrica (volcano)

Villarrica (volcano) Climbing Notes

  • July 08, 2010
    Gustavo Arenas from Chile

    The climb of this volcano is super fun and entertaining. its a great day hike and it is the crowning jewel of Pucon. trek to the top (2847 meters) of one the most active volcanoes in South America and experience the breath taking scenery that Pucon is famous for. Those that make the journey are rewarded with views of the 7 surrounding lakes, 8 volcanoes and the crater itself, a window to the centre of the Earth and all of its magma filled glory.
    if you come on winter or spring (July until December) you can take you skis to the top of this natural wander and ski all the way down from the crater, 1600 meters of untouched snow.
    to stay around here we have a great lodge, Etnico Eco Hostel, located in the cool town of Pucon. its a very cozy space with all the amenities you might need in a super cozy atmosphere. after the climb you can chill in our sauna or we can take you to the hot springs. we can help you organize a team to summit this peak, Led by a professionally trained guide. Includes all necessary equipment. for more info google Etnicohostel