Unnecessary Mountain Climbing Notes

  • July 21, 2017
    Tom from Canada

    Unnecessary mountain is usually not a destination itself; it's on the Howe Sound Crest Trail that starts at the Cypress ski resort parking lot and ends at Porteau Cove; it's usually a 2 day hike with an overnight camping stop halfway..
    The HSCT offers spectacular views of Howe Sound. It's popular, safe and the trail is well marked. At Unnecessary Mountain there is a spot where hikers need to descent about 8 feet using a rope. So ability to do a few pushups is a must :).
    The name comes from the fact that to get to the Lions there is another path (from Lions Bay)..making this an unnecessary mountain.

    Some advanced hikers attempt to ascent the West Lion peak; it should be attempted only during clear and dry days and helmets are a must due to falling stones from hikers above. Getting lost there in dark or fog can be (and has been) deadly; safer to stay put and wait!