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BuTodorka – Climbing Notes


Todorka Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • March 20, 2013
    Andrey Balevski from Bulgaria

    Winter - The access is really easy. It is a fairly easy 30-50 minutes climb on the North ridge from the top lifts station of Bansko ski area. Sometimes you may need crampons and a rope.
    Summer - There are different options. As the lift do not work during summer climbing from the North side is way longer - at least 3 hours. The easiest climb is to follow the trail from Vihren hut in direction Demianitsa hut up to a saddle called Todorina porta /Todorka's gate/. From there you follow a South facing ridge to the first of the peaks Little Todorka. Then you have to go on on the ridge to reach the main peak.
    The closest access points are:
    Vihren hut - 1950 m, 2 hours.
    Demianitsa hut - 1895 м, 2,5 hours.