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CaThe Red Pillar – Climbing Notes


The Red Pillar Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • January 27, 2017
    Ron Lepine from Canada

    Red Pillar can be accessed via Port Alberni via Ash Main logging road. Go past Great Central lake, Dicksen lake, Turnbull lake, Elsie lake & follow Ash river and cross into the Strathcona park at Gretchen Creek. (don't cross Gretchen bridge to the left) To Oshinaw lake (locals call it Deep lake)The lake is 3.5 Kms long but there is an old logging road along the north edge that is undrivable. A canoe takes one hour to cross the length. There you find a trail either at the end of the lake to tie your boat or up the river to haul up your boat. Follow tended trail to the alpine where good base camps are made with tarns. I have see three different access points to summit. The easiest from the southeast, see the natural ramp at the top of the skree slope & follow around to the south.
    The other is go all the way around the bottom south side to the north west & follow a route with a chimney. The other was a class 5 up the north side. Some googling can find other descriptions of successful trips. IE: islandhikes.com