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GgTebulo – Climbing Notes

Tebulo Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • August 26, 2011
    sandro sebastiani from Italy

    If you go from Shatili (Georgia) to Omalo along a beautiful trek of 6 days, on the secod day you'll pass the Atsunta pass(3400). From here it could be no difficult to reach Tebulo summit. I was here in August 2011, but I did not climbed the mountain.I have maps and I plain to try in the future.

    For information contact me sandro-sebastiani(at)libero(dot)it
    From Atsunta pass, in August the Montain looks not so very difficult. I think you'll reach the glacier after four hours, after you'll pass 2 secondary summits of 3900m and 4000m. Probably to reach the summit you need 4 hours more.

    The region is isolated and is not possible to call help.
    The nearest village is Shatili, 1 day walking away.
    From Shatili to Tblisi is 8 or 9hours by car.