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Snowy Mountain (New York)

Snowy Mountain (New York) Climbing Notes

  • November 21, 2014
    robert from United States

    GPS coordinates are 43.70126 / -74.33480 for parking and trailhead located on Route 30N. This is a seven+ mile hike, in and out.

    The summit just is not worth all the trouble of this hike. Trees surrounding the tower are only about 20' away in all directions. It's a very constricted space. Unless you climb the tower, there are no views. However, there is a cliff nearby with some limited views.

    The first third of the trail is easy. The second third is moderate. The start of the last third gets difficult. Then the last stretch of climb, about .75 miles (guessing) was very difficult, as the climb was slick with ice and dangerous.

    We climbed it during the first week of November. I suppose it would not be too difficult without ice. Once snow sets in, the most difficult part of the trail would not be that difficult. It took us 2 hrs 45 min each way because of ice. It would probably take us 2 hrs 15 min without ice. We are very novice hikers.