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InSinhagad – Climbing Notes


Sinhagad Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • March 23, 2015
    Shrinivas Nimkar from India

    The best time for the real mountaineers to climb Sinhagad is EARLY morning [5 to 8 a.m.] because, being so near to Pune, hundreds of families visit it for the rest of the day, thus it is crowded. I go there every Sunday, I'm part of the 'Sinhagad Warkari' [devotees] community. Just carry a water bottle, a few snacks, torch etc. Good shoes are recommended since part of the path is sandy / slippery but no other gear is required. Once you reach the top plateau vegetarian food is available. One may go up the mountain by car and explore it thereafter. There is limited opportunity for rappelling, rock-climbing etc. there is not much wildlife to see, the peak being so near to city and crowded although various birds are there. You are considered a good climber if you do it in, say, 40 minutes. Many climb it regularly in summers [Mar-Apr-May] to prepare for the Himalayan treks of June.