Silver Star Mountain (Skamania County, Washington) weather

Silver Star Mountain (Skamania County, Washington)

Silver Star Mountain (Skamania County, Washington) Climbing Notes

  • January 03, 2019
    Jeremy from United States

    This mountain is a real gem for SW WA. The variety of hiking trails available each offer their own unique views and opportunities sure to intrigue hikers of all levels.

    In spring, you can enjoy the vast array of wildflowers and butterflies. Once fall begins, the unique alpine species take a turn and create one of the most stunning fall color shows. Come winter, the snow adds a magical feel once again giving the opportunity to capture the familiar views in yet another setting furthermore enhancing the overall beauty of this trail.

    Depending on the trail you choose to summit Silver Star, be sure to bring a car that can tolerate the road conditions. This is especially true in fall/winter as potholes can be a real bother. Sturdy hiking boots and trekking poles can be helpful on the loose rocks.

    Overall, stay safe and prepare yourself with proper equipment as this is a remote area. Beware of wildlife, Bears have been a common sight for me. They have never bothered me but could present a threat.

    Be prepared for some spectacular views of our local Cascade volcanoes and be sure to bring a camera to capture it all!

    -Jeremy/amateur photographer/mountaineer

  • February 10, 2018
    Ryon from United States

    Starting at the Grouse Vista trailhead there are gravel parking spots and pit toilets as well as a general map and discovery pass required. The road up to the trail is fairly rough but it is passable with my VW golf but take is slow and careful. The first half mile to a mile is quite steep there’s typically a spring that runs down the first part of the trail and 500 meters from the trail head there’s a creek deep enough to filter water from if that’s your thing or you forgot to fill up.

    In Summer it’s a straight forward hike if you don’t feel like going all the way to Silver Star there is pyramid rock which is a blast to climb up there are some decent read climbing routes and some camp sites around pyramid rock. Keep going around pyramid and the trail goes up up and up to Silver Star mountain off to the right of the trail 3/4s to the summit there’s a nice camp spot for two tents there’s a spring 0.2 mikes from there.

    In Summer beautiful wild flowers and mountain goats roam the area. In winter my favorite time to be there you can easily ski or snow show in and I have had to use an ice axe and crampons to reach any of the summits but mostly as precautionary tools not so much that I absolutely had to but I had them with me so I used them for extra safety.

    The area has its own mini climate so watch the weather carefully it’s a great place to be.

    Make sure when you get to the parking lot you don’t hike up the trail closest to the pit toilets that is a nice trail but it takes you to latch communication site so face the toilets turn 180 degrees and there’s got grouse vista trail. Also to the right on the begging of the trail there’s some decent campsites.

    In winter there usually no one in the area so plan for a long stay if you get stuck cell service is available on almost all parts of the trail. In Summer and spring there can be a full parking lot. If you just hike the trail and don’t spin off anywhere else except to be gone 4-5 hours of trail time to silver star summit pyramid rock is probably only 3-miles from the trail head so if you get there and your tired take a break in the little cave that has a nice rock shelter.

    Be careful lots of ankle busters not a trail for children and I would bring 3L of water. It’s the perfect alpine training area have fun. I have seen cougars along with bear prints so watch out but none of them have ever bothered me. Last time I was there I saw quite a few beer cans and a tent floor looks like someone forgot please help and keep our trails clean.

    Ryon WA mountaineer