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سن بران Photo: 'Oshtorankuh' by Hamid Mohammadnazar

Oshtorankuh, سن بران
user: Hamid Mohammadnazar (28 photos)
photo taken at: 12:00 am 11 Feb 2009


Iran | سن بران

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Oshtoran Kuh (Oshtorān Kūh) is a mountain (class T - Hypsographic) in Ostan-e Lorestan (Lorestan), Iran (Asia) with the region font code of Russia/ Central Asia. It is located at an elevation of 2,180 meters above sea level. Oshtorān Kūh is also known as Ashtaran Kuh, Ashtarān Kūh, Oshtoran Kuh, Oshtorān Kūh, aashtaran kwh, aushturan kwh, اَشتَران كوه, اُشتُران كوه. Its coordinates are 33°35'17" N and 49°39'39" E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 33.5881 and 49.6608 (in decimal degrees). Its