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Razor (mountain)

Razor (mountain) Climbing Notes

  • August 10, 2018
    Joanna from United Kingdom

    We climbed Razor on 7/07/2018 from Zadnijca in Trenta. The trail from Trenta is great for ascent as well as descent. Although it is fairly steep, it goes through the forest and it is fairly smooth underfoot, with occasional rocks scattered here and there. Only the final section, 20 minutes before Pogačnikov Dom, is a bit tedious as it is covered with the mixture of big and small rocks. There is only one way leading to Razor from the hut and it goes via scree slope (hiking poles useful, especially on the way down). Some parts of the route are protected by cables but these are not difficult hence ferrata kit is not required (helmet is a must due to falling stones). Before approaching Razor one can take a detour to a neighbouring Planja (waymarks on the rocks point in direction of Planja on the left and Razor on the right). Upon reaching Sedlo Planja, it is about 45 minutes to the top of Razor. There are metal rungs for the last few meters of the route and this is the only moment where ferrata kit comes in handy (climb can be done without it yet this section calls for a good head for heights. Descent can be done via the same route or from Sedlo Planja towards Vršič (it takes 6 hrs).