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VePico Oriental – Climbing Notes

Pico Oriental Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • September 08, 2015
    Eloy Boulton from Venezuela

    All the way to the top of Pico Oriental, located at El Avila National Park, besides Caracas, is a comfortable and not technical climb.

    The most popular route begins at Altamira, 10ma. Tranversal; no permit or fee required. Anyone around will show you the start point. At the entrance you can look at a well displayed map which will show you the route and names of the most important places you will pass through to reach the summit. Don't miss looking at the changing vegetation, from cloud forest to Subparamo. On route and very near the top you will enjoy spectacular sights towards the city of Caracas and to the coastline of the Litoral Central, a drop of 2640 meters under your feet which impressed the very well known naturalist and explorer Alexander Von Humboldt, first summiter of this peak on January 03, 1800.

    There is no water near the top so take your own, and don't forget a headlamp and a jacket, it can get very chilly up there.
    Have a nice climb!!