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InNag Tibba – Climbing Notes


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  • November 03, 2012
    Anand pandey from India

    I am Anand Pandey, traning officer from Himalayan adventure institute Kempty, Mussoorie, submitting climbing note for Naag Tibba. This is my second time climbing to Naag Tibba with six persons. The members are Sachin. Instructor h.a.i, ramesh from Bangalore, Sonu Kumar, U.P. Gaurav, Shimla H.P. Shikhar from k.v. Mussoorie. I was leader of Naag Tibba expedition from 30 th Oct to 2nd Nov. 2012. We started our expedition on 30th Oct,2012 at 9.00 a.m. From h.a.i. Kempty Mussoorie with our ruck sack, tents, sleeping bags, mess-tin, cooking utensils, water bottle, torch, carry mat, ration, vegetables.

    First we reached at Veeragaon, then Jincy, Tuneta, Kafolti, Ladur and that night halted at Kolti village. We crossed so many mountains and enjoyed views of Lesser Himalayas. We listened the voice of birds & streams. We reached Kolti village at 5.30 p.m. It was dark so we decided to stay there. We cooked our food chapati rice & dal. It was tasty. Next day on 31st Oct, after heavy breakfast we started our journey from Kolti to Matheli, Kafolta and reached Thatud at 1.00 p.m. We were not having much time so we decided to cover Naag Tibba base camp Ontad by jeep. So we reached Ontad village by 3.00 p.m. Immediately we started our trekking towards the Naag Tibba. At 5.30 p.m. we reached half half way of Naag Tibba. It was full dense forest. We pitched our tents prepared tea and maggi and ate nicely. We enjoyed jungle camp fire. It was memorable night for us.

    Next day on 1st November we got up at 3.00 a.m. With the help of torch light we prepared tea, fried rice, maggi, & mix veg. At 4.00 a.m. Every six members ate like hungry horses. By 4.00 a.m. Every body was ready to move but there was no proper light so we were waiting. Finally at 5.45 a.m. We moved towards the Naag Tibba by 9.00 a.m. We offered prayer & clicked photographs there. There was no water so we moved towards the Jhandi, heighest point of Lesser Himalaya Naag Tibba at the height of 10000 ft. Every one congrats to each one. Our two members, Mr Ramesh & Sonu Kumar, decided to stay at Naagdevta due to tiredness. We four members reached on top. First step was of Shikhar from k.v. Mussoorie. We clicked photographs & spend half an hour there & moved towards the Naag Devta. Our water was finished so everyone was thirsty. So we decdied to move further towards the Pantwari. Half half way we got water then finally we reached Pantwari. It was evening so we halted at Pantwari village. Next day 2nd November,2012 we started our journey by jeep from Pantwari to Himalayan adventure institute, Kempty Mussoorie and reached there by 10.30 a.m. I congratulate to all the team members for their successful journey and give thanks to our director s.p. Chamoli & staff who arranged this wonderful journey for us. I am on facebook. I uploaded many photos of Naag Tibba expedition. Thanks to one & all.

  • May 01, 2012
    Anand pandey from India

    We four members climbed Naag Tibba on 29th April 2012. We started our journey on 26th April from himalayan adventure institute Kempty. 26th April At 3.00 pm we started trekking from Kempty via Beera Gaon, Jincy, Tuneta, Kafolti and night halt at Ladur village.

    27th April at 6.30 am started trekking from Ladur village via Kolti, Matheli, Kafolta and reached Thatud in the afternoon. Then trek to Devalsari, Pujalti, Tyova and reached Ontad village for a night halt.

    28th April at 6.30 am started trekking from Ontad and reached Naag Devta temple and night halt.

    29th April at 5.45 am started trekking from Naag Devta temple and reached highest point of Naag Tibba i.e. 10000 ft. Summit at 7.30 am. After spending 45 minutes there, we descended to Nag Devta temple, Pantwari, Ghorakori, and halted at Moggi village. 30th April came by jeep from Moggi village via Nainbagh to Kempty.

    Note we carried tent, utensils, ration vegetables and camping equipment. But we decided not to carry torch, candle, compass. We used only one mobile torch. It was a great challenge for us. We pitched the tent cooked the food and enjoyed. I am Anand Pandey from Himalayan Adventure institute kempty, Mussorie, Dehradoon Uttarakhand. I'm on Facebook every story I wrote in that you can refer to there.