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PpMount Wilhelm – Climbing Notes

Mount Wilhelm Climbing notes shared by Mountain-Forecast users

  • August 21, 2016
    Jeremy Watson from New Zealand

    Requires a good level of fitness. Although not technically difficult, and it is short, it is arduous and at altitude. Do not underestimate the need for good alpine clothing; although a tropical location freezing rain can be encountered for all of the final ascent. Snow may be encountered near the summit.
    Altitude acclimatisation is essential. A minimum of three days from sea level is required if not already acclimatised; more is better.
    There is a very rarely taken five day route (better six) from sea level starting from Madang, and a two day route starting from Betty's Lodge at around 9,000 ft which can be accessed by 4WD from either Goroka or Mt. Hagen. Both routes require guides.
    There are two huts at the first lake at base camp four hours above Betty's Lodge, both can be opened on application at Betty's.
    The ascent is usually made commencing midnight from basecamp and is a 17 hour day to the summit and back through base camp to Betty's for dinner.
    Four hour drive by 4WD from Mt. Hagen, slightly less from Goroka.