Mount Tammany Climbing Notes

  • January 03, 2015
    jose from United States

    Trail head red dot start to entrance of about 30 car lot next to west bound route 80, east side of Delaware river. 456 mt or 1350 feet elevation over 1 mile distance of rocky surface, 0.5 to 2 feet size rocks surrounded by trees with 3 areas at different altitudes to observe down the river and the Minsi mountain on the other side. The way up takes about 1 hour and the way down another hour via blue dot trail less rocky, 3 to 6 inches size rocks,less steep,finally connect to the green dot trail next to the 6 foot wide creek back to the parking lot. The whole circle can be done fast in 1 hour or less total time. Is windy only 200 yards section on the top. No stroller or bicycles.